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  1. Every engagement starts with a long conversation; maybe even several conversations.

    It is critical to our ethos and the success of the project that we fully understand your vision. In these initial conversations we will inquire about the project and encourage our clients to ask us as many questions as they would like. This allows us, as well as the client, to make sure that we are the right fit for the job and that both parties are aligned in the goals and how they will be achieved.

  2. We get to work with the program we’ve created together with our client in hand.

    Architecture and interiors are iterative processes in which pace depends on the problem and the players. We work with sketches and imagery, balanced by calculations and information on the ground, be it the lot size, the topography, the trees, the existing structures, the neighbors, the sun, and most importantly what the client is searching for. As client advocates, we listen for key desired elements and dig down to the how and why. As experts, we guide our projects to something buildable, beautiful, and uniquely connected to the client.

  3. We like to involve builders and interior designers early in the process so that their voices can help shape the project each step of the way.

    This reduces re-treading through old moves, and the collaboration (conflict or harmony) makes for a better end result. With both in-house architects and designers, Stouse Design is set up to deliver guaranteed harmonious relationships for each stage of the project! With our collective backgrounds and experiences (including architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, construction, real estate development, historic, modern, big, small, and everything in between) we approach design with a deep understanding of all the processes in design and construction.

  4. Our mission is accomplished when you move into your completed project, and are happy to be home.

    When the design is settled and fully depicted by technical architectural and engineering drawings, we take the project through jurisdictional permitting, further pricing with the builder, more specifics with fixtures and finishes, and then fine tune our documents to be a package from which construction can be executed. Once we acquire a building permit, our team continues to work closely with the client, builder, interior designer, and any other consultants or sub-contractors to ensure a smooth, forward-moving process. There are always hurdles and surprises, but with collaboration, trust, and wisdom we help clear those hurdles.

At Stouse Design, our ultimate goal is to create a space that you belong in.

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